Monday, 4 December 2017

Landsend So-Simple Winter League, Round 1. 3-12-17

First up I would like to than Dean at DT Floats for taking me on as a sponsored angler, I appreciate the opportunity. He does a great range of floats, float silicone plus elastics and bait bands. Take a look at the link at the bottom of my page.

The 1st round of my 1st ever attempt at this series. 27 booked on, 9 on each of the 3 lakes, probably a couple short on each but Ken Rayner does his best and there seems to be an abundance of leagues/series' at this time of the year.

I got there in plenty of time, loaded the trolley and had a natter with a few guys. Paid my dues and chatted a little more.
Saturday's match was hard on the Match Lake (lake 2) and the other 2 lakes (Speci/lake 1 and Johns/lake 3) are not overly fished in comparison to lake 2 so were expected to be tricky.
Personally I didn't mind what lake I was on as you fish all 3 twice over the series.
There were a few favoured pegs on each lake, and a few more less-favoured ones, but Ken had done his best to leave out the pegs deemed 'less good'. But whatever match organisers do they never please all of the people any of the time. A generally thank-less task.

Anyways on to the draw and I went in the queue mid-way and plucked peg 51 on Lake 3. Mr Rixon said it was ok but pegs 41, 42, 68 and 70, plus 58 were deemed as the best 5 pegs in the draw.
I made my way to the lake with Matt Williams, he had drawn 66 which is average I thought.
I didn't really have any company, with only the un-flappable Ade Crawley opposite me within talking range Martin Pettifer on peg 46 and Rod Wootton almost pleasure fishing on peg 58 were my 'neighbours'.

Peg 51, Landsend Lake 3.
4 rigs assembled. The swim was pretty much the same depth give or take a couple inches, it was around 2.5ft deep.
The first was my general silvers rig using a DT F1/Silvers in 0.3g, 0.10 hooklength and a 20 hook. 2 spots were plumbed for this rig, topkit and at 11m slightly to my right between the gap in the islands.
Then I had a DT pellet pinger in 0.1g for across towards the island in 2 areas, maggots over maggots off the point of the island and at 14m in the 10 o'clock direction feeding micros there. This rig would couple up down to my left, but I would be using maggots over maggot here late on in the day.
Then I had a standard meat rig for 2+2 in front and to my right at the bottom of the nearside shelf. The float was an RBS open water in 0.4g.
Lastly an identical rig as the meat was set up and fished off a tree/bush in the water at 13m in front for fishing any bait over casters and dead maggots (perch were my ideal target).
The so-called carp rigs had 0.14 hooklengths and size 16 hooks. If I hook one I don't want to lose it, lol.

A quick walk before the match and I had to think Rod on 58 would win the lake, the water looked a better colour and I had seen a few fish up there on arrival at my peg. The 'better' pegs at the near end looked a little less fishy.
Back at my peg, a quick cuppa before the all in. I potted a little groundbait on both silvers lines and started off to the left over toss potted micros, 5 minutes no bites.
Off to the point of the island, toss-potted maggots, bite 1st drop, I think it was a little roach as it fell off on the strike. Next drop I had a roach of 1oz. Blank avoided. 15 minutes or so later I was back over the micros fed via the toss-pot and I spied a stray rig mooching around the area and typically as I looked across at Ade I felt the pole pull, a carp was attached, it didn't feel right and it was either foul hooked or the rig on my pole had caught the 'roaming' rig. Either way the fish charged up the lake to my left and soon enough the hook pulled. Still positive signs.
Sadly that was the total action for the first hour.

Into the second sixty minutes and I caught my only fish on the topkit line, a 1/4oz perch.
Back out to the point of the island and I was soon attached to a carp, this one was netted and was about 4lb so a relatively small one for the lake. Some roach, micro roach mostly, followed so I started to switch lines to find a better stamp of fish of any species.
Elsewhere Rod up on 58 had a couple carp and some skimmers. Ade had a nice perch and some little roach. It sounded like no-one was getting anything of note further down the lake. One or 2 were still bite less.

Hour 3 began ok as I had started to dump-feed maggots off the point of the island and I was getting a better stamp of roach, to around 6oz and was enjoying it, but I knew I needed a few carp.
I tried the meat line, no bites, actually I didn't have any bites on the meat all day.
Over the silvers groundbait at 11m gave me a few roach and a single 2oz skimmer but it didn't feel like it would give up much so that line was binned.
Over to the micros line and I had a roach on expander and then I managed a nice skimmer of 12oz from that spot. No more followed.
A look by the bush for an expected perch only saw me land my 2nd carp, a 3lb fish. Also a roach and a rudd followed.
A dead spell followed, other than a couple little roach and we were soon into the last 45 minutes.
It  looked like Rod would win the lake and I reckoned on him having near 40lb at this point. Elsewhere it was only 1 carp, foul hooked and landed by Martin Rayet on p68 that had been caught, but that 1 could be bigger than my 2 very easily on this lake and if anyone was going to start catching then now would be that point.

I had been feeding a few maggots down to my left and decided to drop in here and had a bite right away, micro roach and a couple 2oz roach were swung in, but I was getting a few liners so I came away and kept feeding while I tried over the micros. Thankfully a skimmer of 1lb or so was put into the keepnet. So I thought I had maybe 4.5lb of silvers and my 2 carp.
One or 2 roach from the point of the island followed but no more signs of carp.
10 minutes left and a look down the edge and the float shot under, 3oz of roach into the net. The next drop saw the float sail away and I was attached to a carp, another small one netted, 3lb, but they scraped well. The all out followed minutes later. 15lb was my guess on weight, I did not expect much from that but I knew I had more than Ade and Martin. I couldn't be sure on the rest.

I packed up rather quickly and went for a wander around the lake and it seemed my 15lb would be 2nd on the lake by all accounts, but lets see. I followed Steve Seager and Tom Mangnall do the 3 pegs up to me and weights were 2lb 6oz (inc 1 carp), 1-12, 1-05 before I had 5-07 of silvers then 10-08 was my 3 carp weight for a 15lb 15oz total.
I finished packing up and the scales kept on their way.
I caught up with scales at peg 68, Martin Rayet's carp was 7-00 and he had 2lb of silvers. A look at the sheet saw Rod had 50lb, Ade weighed in 1-08,  Matt 2-12. Last to weigh was Mr Consistent Gary O'Shea on decent peg 70. He also struggled. But he just pipped my 5-07 of silvers with 5-12 worth which was 4th on the lake itself.
So only 11 carp (6 to Rod, 3 to me, 1 to Steve Seager and Martin's single one) were caught. It was hard. I picked up the money for 2nd on the lake (section) and a decent start to the series.

Results: (pinched from Ken's Facebook post)
  1. Speci Lake
    1st, 69-12 - Russ Peck - p32
    2nd, 31- 9 - Steve Sewell - p36
    3rd, 22- 3 - Adrian Jeffery - p40
    1st, 21- 0 - Tony Rixon - p28
  2. Match Lake
    1st, 34-15 - Stuart Barnett - p22
    2nd, 25- 4 - Nick Duckett - p14
    3rd, 22- 6 - Pete Nurse - p24
    1st, 6- 8 - Ken Rayner - p1
  3. Johns Lake
    1st, 53- 0 - Rod Wootten - p58
    2nd, 15-15 - Lee Williams - p51
    3rd, 9- 0 - Martin Rayet - p68
    1st, 5-12 - Gary O'Shea - p70
I actually quite enjoyed the day, it stayed dry and warm enough. A few more fish wouldn't have gone amiss, but it is winter after all.

Next weekend is the last round of Viaduct's Silvers League, lets hope that fishes okay.

Until then, take care.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Viaduct Silvers League, 5th Round, 26-11-17

The penultimate round of this popular series has now been and gone, the last round is in a couple of weeks.

Anyways I didn't arrive too early, got a couple miles from home and the wife called to let me know I had left my waterproofs at home.....Numpty!!
Once at the venue I had a quick chat with a few guys, Matt Williams and Myself convinced we would again draw less than favourable and with the poxy wind blowing rather cool a draw with the wind off my back would be nice. The weather was due to be dry pretty much all day, but Mr Long said we would be fishing 10:30 til 15:45 due to the light fading and the rain was due at 4pm........

Into the draw and out comes peg 97 on the diagonal bank of Cary, reasonably happy with that area, at least I was on Cary as it does seem the most consistent of the 3 lakes, but individually Lodge seems to produce the winner at the moment, but that is the trickiest lake I think. I still haven't been on Campbell. Maybe next time?
For company I had Paddy Curry behind me on Lodge peg 66 (ouch!), Steve Kedge on peg 96 but not in my section, luckily as that peg seems to be in the top 2 in section each round.On peg 98 was Clive Barrow then Martin Rayet on p99.

Peg 97, Cary Lake. 
Bait for the day was pinkies and maggots both live and dead. Some casters and some corn. I mixed up 1kg of BMG groundbait as I didn't want the temptation to be too positive given the colder few days we have had coupled with the rains we had overnight.
I actually set up a feeder, which I chucked out maybe for 20 minutes in total and went fishless.
A waggler for around 25m out, I would feed corn for that line as the wind was pushing in to me so casters were ruled out.
Lastly 2 pole rigs, a DT F1/silvers in 0.3g to fish at 2+2 in front using small amound of groundbait and loose fed casters. The 2nd rig was using a 0.4g DT Floats Jabba pattern, this would cover 2 lines, the 1st at 14m in front where groundbait and dead pinkies would form the bulk of the feed initially.
The same rig was also used at 11m off slightly right where I fed dead maggots and caster quite heavily via a cup as eels and perch could show.

The match began and 3 balls of groundbait went out long, a full pot of caster/dead maggot went on the 11m line and a gold ball sized helping of neat groundbait went in on the short line. I didn't feed the waggler line but chose to spend 20 minutes on the feeder where I planned to fish the waggler.
No bites for this 20 minute spell though Martin and Kedgey started to get a few small roach and odd small skimmer in this spell.
A quick look on the waggler, but the wind got up, so on the pole, starting short, no bites in 10 minutes so looking over the long groundbait line. A couple little roach and a 6oz skimmer were soon in the net and blank avoided. It then went quiet for a while but Martin on peg 99 was catching consistently, nothing big (he did hook a couple carp and land 1) but regular spells of catching well. Kedgey was also getting a few fish on his pole lines. Elsewhere everyone was struggling.

So fast forward a couple of hours and I had been picking the odd fish from both the long 14m line and the caster line, I had also started to feed a few pieces of corn out for the waggler as I expected that to be the area to produce a better stamp of skimmer. I suppose I had 2.5lb in the net at this point, Martin maybe 6 or 7lb and Kedge about 5lb. Clive, to my left was really struggling and only had a couple roach to show.
It was 1pm when I had my 1st skimmer, around 1.5lb from the long groundbait line, double caster the bait fished off bottom, as like I had last week I was getting indications and liners, so I stick on a better bait and it went under right away. Sadly no more followed. A few more small balls of groundbait went in on that spot again and I switched to the waggler as Kedgey was getting a few fish, 6oz skimmers mostly but had a couple 1lb fish from what I could make out.

15 minutes of thrashing the water with the wag and missing a few bites I connected with a nice fish and soon a 3lb skimmer was netted, Steve lost one of a couple pounds at the same time.
Again no decent fish followed so I stuck with the pole for the last hour or so. I knew I was a long way behind Martin on peg 99, I couldn't see anyone in the section past him so didn't have a clue how I was doing in the scheme of things, but Gabe had gone home and there was a fair amount of grumblings about how hard it was fishing.
20 minutes to go and the rain had already set in, it was not very nice, quite heavy and bloody cold, but I could see the odd bubble over the long line and I suspected an eel to be honest but a couple 8oz skimmers were netted and a couple roach before I bumped a couple better fish, possibly big skimmers as a nice amount of laccy came out. Luckily I had another opportunity in the last minutes as a 1.5lb skimmer was netted. I reckoned to myself I had around 10lb and Martin must have 17lb maybe. But I had more than Clive who tipped back, so at least I was not last in section. From what I could tell Mr Kedge had 15lb and looked to have won that section as it was only Nicky Ewers over on 87 had really caught any amount of fish, similarly Jacko on peg 78 had netted some nice skimmers.

I packed up, well started to, in the rain, when the scales arrived. Martin had weighed 16lb but the rest of my section had struggled to catch with Roly's 10lb next best. Thankfully my weigh tipped the scales to 12lb 3oz and put me 2nd in the section. Steve Kedge did win his section but I was a little surprised to see him total 12lb 15oz, I was sure he had more than that. Nicky Ewers had 12lb 3oz to come 2nd in that section. Jacko won the 3rd section on Cary with 13lb 8oz.

1. Gary O’Shea - 20lb - peg 70
2. Craig Edmunds - 18lb 12oz - peg 59
3. Gary Webber - 17lb 14oz - peg 129
4. Martin Rayet - 16lb - peg 99
5. Mike Nicholls - 15lb 2oz - peg 132
6. John Fuidge - 13lb 10oz - peg 110

So although a tough day, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the last round in 2 weeks. Well done to Mr Consistent Gary O'Shea on the win. He caught mostly on waggler and caster I believe.
Trig (Craig Edmunds) is leading the series with a maximum 4 points (dropper is a 3!!) after a section win and 2nd in the match. But a couple of others have an outside chance of overtaking him, although in-realistic at this stage.......but you never know.
For full sheets and standings etc take a look at the Viaduct Facebook page.
Next week I have the first round of the Landsend Winter League, another 1st attempt at the series for me and it can get really hard there at times, so maybe I will draw a bit better than my draw hand has been, generally, in 2017.

Until then, have fun.