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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Pawlett Match, Shiplate Hawthorn and Westpool. 16-10-16

Hoping not to continue my now current habit of drawing pegs which I really don't fancy, so it was off to Shiplate today, only finding out last night that we didn't have the Main Lake, I was hoping for a nice day fishing for the non-carp species on the big lake......ah well. Onwards.

24 or so of us fishing today, 14 on Hawthorn and the rest over on Westpool. I wanted to be on any peg on Hawthorn from 3 to 10, these pegs have had a new breeze on them and I definitely fancied those pegs to be the most consistent. I didn't want Westpool as it had been patchy and didn't want to walk around there.

A chatter and natter with a few, and it was onto the draw. I hung back, like I usually do, and plucked peg 15 on Hawthorn. Nice enough peg, but not convinced it'd produce the good, especially with me sat at the helm....
I made my way to the peg and found I had Mr Paul Berry for company on peg 14, not that I could see him, he had Steve Fouracre next to him, so no doubt a little bit of cursing will be heard!!

Looking left from P15 Shiplate Hawthorn......bait fed ducks!!

Peg 15, Hawthorn.......looks fishy.....wasn't fishy!!
I went about sorting my kit and bait.
A shallow rig for pellets (unused in anger)
A depth banded pellet rig (unused in anger)
A banded pellet rig for a few areas across (fishless)
A rig for the left margin using meat over hemp
A silvers rig for 9m using casters and worms
A meat rig for topkit+1 slightly left

I should end my blog now as not much happened for me and I couldn't see what was occurring on the lake.
Anyways, the all-in was called and I began on the short meat line hoping for an early fish. 15 minutes later nothing had happened, 20 minutes on the pellet across line and still nothing happened. All I knew was Paul had a carp and 4 skimmers in that period and Steve had lost a couple carp and had a few skimmers.

I went out to 9m with my silvers rig and waited a while before I had a chub of 6oz, this was quickly followed by a couple crucians and another skimmer.....then nothing for a long while. I did foul hook a couple carp and missed a couple bites on meat, but my swim didn't look too active in terms of fish being present.
At the halfway stage I had yet to catch a carp, Paul hadn't had any more fish after his little burst at the start of the match.

A look down my left edge saw me hook a 1lb carp in the tail, it was landed....yay. But it was a false dawn as nothing more happened so it was back on the silvers rig, which again not much happened, it was another 20 minutes before I had a 4oz eel and a 1lb skimmer.
I was hoping the carp turn up in the last 90 minutes or hour as they often do, but hope was all that was likely.
A couple more foul hooked carp, but with no particular area standing out, at least to find an area to target. So I plodded along and not much was happening by all accounts, but rumour had it the pegs below peg 10 had been catching a few pretty regular, like I expected.

Into the last 60 minutes and I began to see a little more life in the peg and I managed a couple 6oz roach off the silvers line, plus another lost carp from here on the light kit.
I did manage 2 carp, one from the left margin, one from the short meat line and as the all out was called I was getting few liners and bubbled on the edge and short lines.

So not a great day, but I enjoyed it oddly, scratching around for bites may well help me out in the Teams-of-3 in a couple weeks
Paul Berry hadn't put any more fish in his nets, Steve had a good last 40 minutes and had added around 18lb to his tally fishing expanders across.
The scales arrived and Jamie Parkhouse had won Westpool from peg 15, which was the Golden Peg, so a nice win was on the cards.
I put 8lb 5oz on the scales for my 3 carp, my silvers weighed 7lb 12oz, giving me 16lb 1oz.
Mr Berry's solo carp was an ounce less than my 3 and he had 1lb 12oz of silvers for a 10lb total.

I didn't follow the scales and went and loaded the car, the other end of my lake were doing ok with 30 and 40lb nets reasonably common, though a few dnw's and a couple low weights were recorded.
The top silvers weight was a really nice 21lb for Derek Beards from Westpool peg 11.
Overall winner was Jamie from p15 on Westpool with 77lb 12oz, Eric Fouracre (H2) had 49lb 4oz and Brian Gatiss was 3rd with 44lb 11oz (H7)

Not sure where I will be fishing over the coming week and next weekend.
So have a good week and stay safe,

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Bolingey, White Acres' Residents Match, 14-10-16

A match on Bolingey finished my week off nicely, not a venue I have really been, so in reality another new venue. Around 40 or so fishing, maybe a few more, so the pegging would be tight for sure.

I woke to a pretty hard frost and the tops of the caravans were white and I had to scrape the ice off the windscreens, a bright sunny day with a slight easterly breeze was the prediction. I reckoned that it'd be tricky to get a big week and that 120lb would win.
I drove the 20 minutes to the lakes and there was a whole bunch of anglers there, the keepnets (x2 each) and landing nets were all nice set out for us, bonus.
I had a natter with a couple guys, some of whom fish venues local to me, some had good week, most had not so good weeks.

Trolley loaded and queued for my peg of dreams, going from what I know about the lakes, pegs 7, 10, 11, 27, 29 and 38 appealed.
Into the hat about halfway along and I drew peg 13, I was not too happy, summed up my week, it is set in a corner with no island chuck, very tight to the fence behind to make shipping the pole kind of tricky to say the least. Peg 11 and peg 14 were in so not massive amounts of room but you never know maybe the fishies would be sat in the corner waiting to be caught.

I went about sorting the kit and bait for the day, a small method feeder for an awkward cast to the end bank, this went unused.
A topkit rig for corn over corn, it was 7ft deep there.
A rig for 5m and 13m down to my right where it was a couple feet deep, I did hope the munters would move in later on.......but they remained fishless.
A depth pellet rig (9ft or so deep) was coupled by a shallow/slapping rig both at 13m in front.
Lastly a worm and caster rig for 13m off in the 2 o'clock direction.

Peg 13 at Bolingey
Starting at 12pm, I went straight in on the topkit and around 10 minutes passed and 3 or 4 fish had been caught down to my left when I had a bite and found me playing a decent fish. Safely netted, the 8lb mirror had managed to tangle me in someone's lost topkit, sadly it didn't fit my pole. Someone will be pleased.
I stayed on this line for another 10 minutes before I fed the two long pole lines.

Out on the worm line and I soon had some roach averaging around 6oz each, nice fish to catch, but not getting enough to help me along.
Half an hour without a sign of a carp in my peg and switched to the pellet line as I had seen the odd bit of fizzing.
15 minutes here and only a few liners saw me switch to the shallow rig, 1st slap and it was fish on. A spirited scrap saw another 8lb fish join it's buddy in the net.
An hour or so blanking came and the lad on peg 14 had a nice 15lb fish from his edge, but the wasn't catching much. Further along to my left I could see fish getting caught pretty regular as were pegs 8 and 11.
Looking left from p13, Bolingey

My left edge, Bolingey peg 13
So we were now at the halfway stage and it wasn't exactly busy fishing, but I was soon into another fish on the shallow rig, another fish around the 8lb mark, it certainly gave me a battle as it was a ghostie, I would have thought it was double the size it was.
20 minutes later I was connected to a lump that took an age to get in but was worth it at about 14lb, my clicker was showing 42lb.
An hour an a half to go and I had 2 quick fish from the deep pellet rig, only 4lb carp but they were welcomed. I also lost a couple foul hookers so it was back shallow and I was playing a fish after a couple minutes.
When I was playing this fish I could see a few boils and colouring up down to my left and decided that would be my next drop in. It was also at this point that a guy from down to my left decided to wander up to get another keepnet. The margin fish left my swim and other than 1 foul hooked carp I never had a bite for the last hour. So my clicker showed 52lb, plus the few roach. So guessed on 54lb total.
Peg 11 had been catching well in the last 90 minutes and the lad to my left had 3 or 4 late fish on his short line using worm over pellet. Generally though it hadn't been a prolific day for most.

I packed up my gear and waited for the scales, when they arrived there was a 80lb weight and 93lb from peg 11, other than that I could see some 20lb and 30lb nets plus a couple low 50's.
I tipped my fish into the bucket, then took one out as it went over 55lb, but my 2 weighs together gave me 55lb 2oz. My clicking was accurate enough.
Peg 14's late 3 or 4 fished boosted him to 56lb.

I didn't follow the scales as I went and loaded my car, I knew I hadn't picked up any money as they were paying top 4 and 4 sections. So I headed back to the caravan having enjoyed the day.
The match was won by young James Allen with 129lb from end peg 50, mostly on pellet and corn at 15m or so.

So to sum up my week, of the 3 matches on the mini-fest I managed the best weight off my pegs in 7 out of the 9 weights, with Jenny's peg 14 only pipping me with the guy having 2 real lumps on day 2 but the peg was nowhere on day 3 either with 3lb the final days' net.
Peg 33 on Twin Oaks saw a 37lb net on the 2nd day also for nowhere and 7lb on the 1st day for last in section.
My Pollawyn weight was decent with 8oz and 10lb the two other weights from peg 45.
So to me it shows I didn't have the draws needed on the whole. But I feel I fished quite well all week and have learned loads and am looking forward to getting down there a few more times.

Next up for me is Shiplate tomorrow.
Take care peeps.