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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Pawlett Match, Landsend Lakes 2 + 3, 21/08/16

A short and sweet blog is this one. 24 or 25 fished.

Arrived early, it was raining.....wanted to draw on the match lake, and due to the 5 short walk pegs, if I drew on there then realistically I would have been on the far side. I drew a golden peg, on lake 3, peg 46 (the other was peg 51). Nice enough peg...well if the poxy wind wasn't as strong as we had it, blustery too, just to make it worse.....Keith Clapp on 45 caught the island more than he caught fish throughout the day.

Peg 46 Landsend, Lake 3.
I wont go into detail of what rigs I made etc, suffice to say I only caught on 2, a pellet rig across to the island in the 10 o'clock direction, where I had 2 carp in the first ten minutes, then I foul hooked a proper mid-double lump, played it for a bit then the hook pulled....bummer. I then pricked a couple.
All that action in the first 20 minutes or so, then I went 4 hours without a fish, not even a single caster could tempt a silver.
Meanwhile not many people were catching, Jamie Parkhouse, who you can see in the picture was getting the odd silver plus even rarer carp. Keith on peg 45 was getting the odd perch/small skimmer/roach on worms tight across, he managed 3 carp during the day I think.
Further down the lake on pegs 50 and 51 fish were getting caught more consistently, not bagging up though. Mike Davis had 5 on the lead in the first half hour of the match.

As we went in to the last hour I was on 2 carp, but then I managed a 3lber off the end of the island. The fish were present, but throughout the day they sat up in front of pegs 48 and 49, I could see them waving at me!!
My margins were getting the odd visit, but I never hooked a fish down either side.
Into the last half hour and I had some fizzing on my 2+2 meat line, so I dropped in on this and had 3 carp to 10lb or so in three drops....and that was that. So I ended up with 6 carp for maybe 30/33lb.
I chucked back as I knew I didn't have what pegs 50 and 51 had caught, I could hear and see regular activity from up there. Jamie Parkhouse had a few silvers including  a crucian or 2, which he was pleased about.
Colin Haggett had a day to forget on peg 60-ish, losing enough fish to win the match, landing only 5 or 6. Actually only 6 peeps weighed in on our lake, with 50 and 51 having 100lb between them split 48 and 52lb respectively. Jamie had 26lb as had Eric Fouracre on the end peg 40.

As I walked my kit back to the car I shouted up to those weighing in on the match lake to see what had been caught, I had a reply that there was a couple 60lb nets and a 70 and a 90.

1st, Derek Beard on peg 15 with 90-08
2nd, Chris Higgs, peg 3, 77-08
3rd, Brian Gatis, peg 11, 66-05
4th, Jamie Cook, peg 17, 65-15
1st, Jamie Cook, peg 17, 18-07
2nd, Brian Gatis, peg 11, 16-03

Match Lake results (no point on Lake 3's)
So a frustrating day for everyone on the Lake 3, maybe we all had too much room and the fish didn't want to move down to any of us. There were plenty of fish moving, and at times we could see tails waving aplenty off my island and off the area Jamie Parkhouse was targeting on his island. I tried to mug a couple throughout the day with no joy, they just weren't playing ball.
I guess what I chucked back would have been 3rd on the lake, not worth a penny.

Next Sunday I am up at Harescombe with some of the PSV crew, the rest are down at Stafford Moor for three days, so a few bites should be had by all.

Until then, Take Care.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Saturday Combi Series, Round 5. Viaduct Cary, 20/08/16

The final round of my Combi Series took place at Viaduct on the Cary Lake, home of some large carp than can be cagey at times. The silvers sport is less prolific than previous years but still bags to over 20lb are not uncommon.
I would like to say thank you to those who have fished the series and helped with the sorting cover and entrants (Paul NIchols springs to mind) and I would say it has been a success, with very little whinging (though we all like a moan), a tight affair with lots of the anglers deliberating their route to possible success right through the series.

I arrived early, took everyone's money and sorted the pegs out (thanks Steve). The weather was due to be windy, then windier and a few rain showers to boot!!
Looking across the lake, the wind was blowing up towards peg 88/90/96, so I fancied anywhere from 85 around to 99 as I was certain the wind would have the fish on the move, especially as it wasn't too cold. But to be fair the fish can get caught from most pegs on the lake with plenty of features in the lake in the form or spits, trees and end banks etc.

Heading into the last round Vic Bush was top of the overall standings by 2 points, plus top of the Silvers table, but he had to arrange a stand-in, which he did in the form of Vince Brown, a very tidy angler himself, so no pressure there then!!
There was probably 8 or so guys in with a chance of a top 4 finish in the overall stakes (Lewis Jones, Mark Saunders, Dave Chidzoy, Brian Slipper, Alex Nadin, Steve Nadin and Rich Lovering with Ryan Shipp covering, all close behind).
5 or 6 guys also in with a shot at the top 2 in either the Silvers or Carp rankings, with Lewis Jones leading the carp standings with a 3 point gap, Paul Nichols was 2nd but had Emma Drysdale covering his spot while he was sunning himself on the continent. Dave Chidzoy was close behind, Nich Harvey and Brian Slipper could finish top 2 if things went wonky for the top 3.
The Silvers standings had Vic clear by 2 points from Mark Bromsgrove, he was 1 point clear of Mark Saunders and then 3 guys another point behind!!

Anyway, the draw was done, I had the last peg, peg 88, a good draw really, one I fancied for a few fish to be honest.
Peg 88 Viaduct Cary
I had Lewis Jones on peg 86, which won Thursday's match with 300lb+, that lad can draw well.... I had Mark Saunders on peg 90, he wasn't pleased, but I expected him to do well, he is primarily a silvers angler but needed to score well on carp to try and sneak a top 2 finish.
My section was however, a Section-of-Death with all 4 of the overall leaders in the same section (Lewis, Mark Saunders, Vic/Vince, Steve Nadin) plus there was Paul Berry who would be targeting silvers as he had nothing to fish for except section money, similarly to me really, but I hoped for carp.
Points would be dropped, places possibly re-arranged by the draw falling as such.
Dave Chidzoy may or may not have realised that, but it'd defo help his cause though he had Emma Drysdale in his section who had to catch carp to help Paul Nichols retain his 2nd spot in the carp stakes.
Mark Bromsgrove drew 74 and would only be silvers fishing to try and win an envelope or 2 in that area, he had to win his section of silvers and hope Vince would drop a few places for an outright silvers series win.

I made my way to my peg, set up a lead rod and 3 rigs for carp, an edge rig (fishless), a slapping/shallow rig (2 lost foulers) and a depth rig to fish meat short and banded pellet at 14m as it was the same depth. Lastly a silvers rig for topkit fishing.
Bait was 8mm meat, 8mm and 6mm pellets, some caster and some paste for the conker, oh and I wasted some groundbait down both edges.

The match began and I fed the pole lines and began on the lead.....2 hrs later I was still fishless on the carp front, losing a couple foul-hookers on the long pellet line, though a few small silvers came to the topkit with caster and I managed to miss the keepnet a couple times in the very windy conditions. I also had 2 eels fall off and back into the lake, I wasn't too fussed as I could see both Paul and Vince catching a good few skimmers, plus Mark and Steve were doing well on the roach/hybrids....oh and I managed to lose 2 catties into the lake due to the wind.
At the halfway stage I managed a couple of carp, one on the lead, one off the long pole and pellet line. But the carp front up my end of the lake was quiet despite a few being in the area. Vince was getting plenty though on his silvers rig.

I plundered along and had given up on the silvers and meat as I wasn't getting any action, so for the last 2 and a bit hours I persevered with pellets up and down long and the lead chucked over the same line due to the wind.
Out of the blue I managed a couple more carp on the lead including a double figured fish, I also pulled out of a couple at the net as the hooks were only lightly hooked in the mouths, which were rather small..!!
Mark on peg 90 was now fishing for carp and had a couple, Lewis had some arrive after starting in the same vein as me, he also had some proper skimmers. I was last in the carp in the section as Paul had no intentions of catching any...I was also last in the silvers, oh well.
The last hour was quiet for putting fish in the net, the carp were fizzing on the pole line, but the wind prevented me fishing shallow for them properly and the lead wasn't efficient enough, but I did put 1 more in the net to finish with 6 carp and maybe 40lb. An hour more and I think I would have had a great spell as the wind typically dropped!!
The all out was called. I packed up.

The weigh in was shared by owner Steve and his son Lewis, so we were done in quick time. I had 41lb of carp and 6lb of silvers and was last in section in sivers and 2nd last in the carp. Ho hum.
Lewis had landed 70-odd pound of carp and 9lb silvers, Mark had 44lb carp, 16lb 4oz silvers. Steve had a 52lb/16lb 9oz split, Vince (Vic's cover) had a 92lb/16lb 9oz split before Mr Berry had 20lb of silvers. The silvers weights between Mark, Steve and Vince were tight with Steve and Vince splitting a point in the section. Vince did his job and won the section carp, Lewis was 2nd which meant he won the Carp series overall.

On the day Dave Chidzoy  on peg 105 won overall with 215lb and Ryan Shipp was 2nd with 203lb from peg 109..!! Paul Berry's 20lb 11oz was top silvers weight, from peg 97.

I made my way to the car. Grabbed the weigh sheets before sitting down and working out the standing at the top of the tables....Phew!!

On The Day:
1st, Dave Chidzoy, p105, 215-14
2nd, Ryan Shipp, p109, 203-08
3rd, Dom Sullivan, p77, 119-08
1st, Paul Berry, p97, 20-11
2nd, Mark Bromsgrove, p74, 18-05
3rd= Vince Brown, p96 and Steve Nadin, p94 both 16-09.

On the day results. (circled = section winners)

Overall Combi Standings
1st - Vic Bush, 9pts (£300)
2nd - Dave Chidzoy. 12 pts (£175)

3rd - Steve Nadin, 13pts (37.5pts totals) (£80)
4th - Lewis Jones, 13pts (36pts total) (£50)
5th to 8th all had 15pts..!!...Close..close..close!!

Final Results: Carp Standings
1st - Lewis Jones, 26pts (£90)
2nd - Dave Chidzoy, 23pts (£50)
3rd - Paul Nichols, 21pts

Final Results: Silvers Standings
1st - Vic Bush, 26.5pts (£90)
2nd - Mark Bromsgrove, 26pts (£50)
3rd - Steve Nadin, 22.5pts

As you can see the points were close, that half point shared between Vince(Vic) and Steve, which was only 6oz ahead of Mark Saunders, was critical, if Mark had pipped them both and Steve pipped Vince then Mark B would have won the silvers, Steve Nadin may have been 2nd and Mark Saunders 4th......but the whole series has been based on closeness and there are always plenty of 'What if' or 'I should have' moments, Dave Chidzoy and Mark Saunders failure to catch Silvers and Carp respectively at The Sedges spring to mind.
But on the day everyone did what they had to do and for some things went their way, others less so, but it could have all been different......!!

Silvers Standings, finishing position in red on the right

Carp Standings, Final position in red on the right.
Final OVERALL Combi Standings, final position in red on the right.

So for me personally, I am a little disappointed in how I fished, looking back I know I could and should have done a little better at a couple venues.
The standings also prove that there are various ways to skin a cat, but in Vic (and Vince), to consistently get good 'bonus' points gave him the big prize, he done as I thought would be the best way to attack, catch anything that swims, target one section win of the 2 sub-categories but score well in the other, averaging 8 or 9 points per match would be an achievable target and would have been good to win.
Vic picked up 4 section monies during the series to show the consistency of him in the series, but Dave and Lewis were consistent on the Carp side of things and went close with their semi-blinkered approach.

Will I run a similar thing in 2017? maybe, maybe before, I may alter a few things, but these are to be decided......I need a day or 2 to think!!! So if anyone wants to take part then feel free to let me know, maybe it'll be a 30 to 40 pegger.?

Until next time, take care.