Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Landsend So-Simple Winter League, Round 3. 28-01-18

The 3rd round of this series came and went this past Sunday, my section of 9 were destined for the Match Lake (Lake 2) for the 6hr duration. The weather looked fair and relatively mild, I was thinking it may fish well. I should not really do that thinking stuff, I think it jinxes things somewhat......

Anyways, I arrived and had a chat with a couple of the guys before loading my trolley (I have sorted how to load it now..!!) before heading off to pay my pols and pick my peg.
Thanks to Andy Seery for providing us all with a tub of Gofters.
I was through in the Knock-Out thanks to a bye in the last round, but Steve Seager was my friendly opposition this round and thankfully he was in my section and drew a couple pegs away from me. I drew peg 16 (no pics, left phone at home....numpty), which is a bit vanilla, something and nothing, perhaps bang on average. Steve drew peg 20, which is a better peg and the area has been producing some bags of silvers including big perch, skimmers and a few tench.

For company I had Rod Wooton on peg 14 to my left and Martin Pettifer on peg 18 to my right.
A few rigs set up:
1st was a silvers rig, DT Floats F1/Silvers in 12 x no11 shot, for 7m in front using maggots and caster over a small helping of groundbait.
The 2nd rig using a DT Floats RBS Margin in 0.3g, this was for meat over a few maggots and meat both left and right at 7m each direction.
3rd rig was using a DT Pinger in 0.1g for fishing up the shelf, initially using 4mm pellets over micro, but I swapped to maggots after a couple hours. This would be dobbed around the far side at 14.5m.
I made up a margin rig for maggots over micros down to my left in a couple spots. A DT BIG D float was the pattern of choice, dotted right down.
Lastly I had a DT RBS Open Water float in 0.3g for around 13m in front using maggots over a few micros and maggots.

Well at the all-in I was just about to load my pole cup to put a bot of bait in a couple spots when I noticed Martin into a fish. Well I continued to sort my peg, pour a cup of tea and watched Martin play the fish, which was not hooked in the mouth, he took a shade over 20 minutes to get the leviathan into his landing net, it was hooked in a fin but a good 12lb+. Tidy start for him.

Now I would love to say how I spent the day picking up odd carp in amongst the big skimmers I was catching, but when does that happen?
It was actually really really hard going with everyone (except Rod) catching plippy roach, odd small skimmer and a handful of F1s (count as silvers). Steve Seager also had a golden tench, he also hooked a few decent perch which his neighbour, Gary O'Shea, also did, but Gary never lost his but landed them unlike Steve.

Me, well I had maybe 1.5lb of silvers after 4hrs, not a sign of a carp. But as we approached 90 minutes to go I managed a carp down to my left on maggot, a one off carp here as I never had another bite after I hooked a snag and had to pull for a break.
Elsewhere, Rod had 2 carp in 2 drops off the island with an hour to go, coupled with an early F1.
Tom Mangnall was over on peg 11 and despite his early slow start had began to net the odd carp and was doing alright.
Martin on peg 18 was just getting roach, more rapidly than me, he was fishing in the gap between the 2 islands.

I managed a 1.5lb skimmer with 30 minutes to go, but other than my roach and odd 1oz perch it was very hard for the 6hrs and to be fair most were happy when the all-out was called.

I packed up and followed the scales, but it was only peg 1, Martin Rayet (40lb) and Tom on peg 11 (31lb) had nets of note. Ade on peg 5 had just over 5lb of silvers and never weighed in any carp despite hooking a couple.
I managed 5lb of silvers plus my 2.5lb carp weighed a hefty 4lb 7oz so 9lb 7oz was my total.
This was a few ounces more than Rods 2 carp and single F1.
Martin's 1st drop foul hooked carp weighed 12lb 7oz plus he had 5lb 2oz of silvers for 3rd on the lake with 17-09.
Steve Seager had 7-02, which was a golden tench and a few F1s. Gary had a tidy 12-00 of silvers including some chunky perch, but no carp. Matt Williams on p24 DNW'd after 3 little silvers.

So I squeezed into section 5th and gained 5 silver's points, so not the best of days really, again one more carp would have boosted my points as would another 1.5lb skimmer. Ah well.
Tony has the full set of results on his blog, HERE.
As it stands I am mid-table in the overall standings and 3rd, I think in the silvers standings, plus I luckily got through in the Knock-Out.

Next Sunday I am at Sedges for a Silvers match, the first time I have fished there in ages and ages and am looking forward to it.

Until next time, take care.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Pawlett match, Landsend Lakes 1 and 2. 21-01-17

A short blog this week as the friggin flu has taken it's hold on me and I am shattered.

The 1st match of the year with the club, usually a decent turn out for each match but often this one gets one of the largest attendances, but this week it didn't, still 20 or 21 were fishing after a few sensible souls booked out.
The weather was due to be shite, it was shite, it rained for the whole time we were there, luckily as the day wore on the temps rose, it was bitter first thing but by 1pm it was ok.

I fancied pegs 32 and 33 to do the business for the carp, as I suggested the previous night and to the 2 that drew them. Plus peg 21 on the match lake would be tough to beat with silvers, especially when Chris 'giffy; Ware drew it, he aint no mug when catching a few.
Me, I wanted to be on the match lake, not massively fussed where, but I drew peg 36 on speci.... Not an ideal start....given the incessant rain I even considered going home as the reality is (in my eyes)that you are unlikely to win anything from that area at this time of the year.
But I did go to the peg, slowly got all my kit organised and set about setting up my rigs:
1st rig, silvers. 0.3g DT F1/Silvers carbon float with 4-6 laccy and 0.10>20 hook, maggots over groundbait at 7m.
2nd rig, carp (ideally), 0.3g DT RBS 12 laccy with 0.14>16 hook for meat over a few bits of meat and a few maggots. Fished at 7m off to my left.
3rd rig, anything rig, 0.1g DT Pinger, 8-10 laccy with 0.12>16 hook for maggots and casters over the same with a few micros.. around 13.5m across dragged a bit up a shelf in a couple spots.

The all in was shouted, I was still plumbing Steve Fouracre next door on 34 thought I was fishing already, but it was my plummet....he apologised. Lol.
My 1st fish, a small perch came after 15 minutes, then a couple more.
Then an hour of nothing before my 1st carp was hooked, on the silvers rig obviously, but I managed to get it in, around 4-5lb methinks.
Meanwhile 32 and 33 were catching odd carp while Rob Dodd on peg 40 was foul hooking them occasionally, but he got 3 in out of 5 or 6 I think during the day, and a 2lb perch.
Opposite on peg 29 Mike Davis was getting a roach every drop and was doing alright.

It was around the halfway point that I began to have 'issues', I decided to try fishing my shelf line with a couple maggots, a roach and a perch, only small but a good sign, then a carp, that tore off left and shed the hook in to a snag around 2.5m off the far bank, so then I re-plumbed around the far shelf and tangled in a bunch of line and tree branches that were attached to 2 trees on the far side and dropped down into the water. When originally plumbing up I thought it was just a branch in the water so avoided that spot. I was wrong. I lifted my plummet to reveal a huge tangle of branches, twigs, line, braid and a couple leads. It snapped my hooklength and I lost the plummet.
So I got my cupping kit and tried to drag the offending sang back to me.....that didn't work. It became too tangled so I rested my pole on the water and went off to the car for the lead rod.
I came bag cast over the snag, sort of, unscrewed my tangled pole cup which semi-sunk and drifted off to my left and then I tried hand lining the snag back. It was a farce really but I got a bunch of line/braid/2oz leads and a tonne of branches and twigs back and out of the water. The rest of the snag is possibly still in the peg, not sure, not sure if even still connected to the far bank anymore.
I spent 10 mins trying to rescue my pole cup, which I successfully managed to do down in peg 37.

So I had maybe 90 minutes left now I had under 2lb of silvers and 1 carp. Kev on peg 33 was getting the odd fish on the lead and meat cast at the aerator. Peg 32 was getting a few dobbing around the end bank with maggots I think and Mike was getting a few roach. Everyone else were not doing much, some were slowly packing up. It was still raining heavy and the lake was changing colour from the torrent washing in to the lake at peg 40. The water level rose a little.
I came back on to the silvers line after feeding and hooked a carp. I played it ok, got it up then as I grabbed my landing net the handle separated and the 3rd section was the only piece in my had, so I got don on my knees and grabbed the last bit poking out of the water and somehow rejoined the handle back together. The fish had not come off but was a little more spirited, it looked 7lb perhaps.
I got it to the surface again and went to land it and the bugger fell off....!! 2-1 to the carp now.

With 20 mins to go, Steve had left, along with one or 2 others from both lakes.
I did bump a decent fish over the groundbait, not sure what it was. I then had a look across and I think I lost a carp foul hooked, but again it may have been a perch or chub or something.
Last knocking I had a 2lb+ skimmer and Kev on 33 had a carp on the whistle.
The end was called. Yay.

I packed up, decided I was going to weigh in as I had a pants day so at least I want to see what little success I could put on the scales. I followed the scales on a little of the match lake but other than a couple nets around 20lb-22lb there was not much to report until peg 21 gave Giffy the silvers win with 17lb of caster caught fish including tench. Peg 24 gave Jason King 30lb or so.
Speci lake weighed and all to report was Mikes 11lb of roach, loads of little roach from p29. Then 32 and 33 were within 3oz of each other with 34-12 to Will Puddy from peg 32 and 34-15 from peg 33 to Kev Hunt on lead and meat. I weighed my 5-04 carp and 4-03 of silvers. Rob on peg 40 had 19lb.

It was an awful drive home, the roads at time were more like streams at least. My house became a tackle drying zone until yesterday. The joys.

1st- Kev Hunt, 34-15. Lead/Meat peg 33
2nd - Will Puddy, 34-12. Pole and maggots peg 32
3rd - Jason King, 30-14, Pole and maggots I think, peg 24.

1st - Chris Ware, 17-00, Pole and Caster at 13m, peg 21
2nd - Mike Davis, 11-12, Pole and Caster over micros, peg 29

So a very tricky day for all and not very enjoyable for most, though I did kind of like it despite the weather and snags etc.
Next up is Landsend Winter League 3rd round, I am on Lake 2 (Match Lake) on Sunday.
Hopefully I will fit a whole load better than what I have been since Monday.

Until next week, take care.