Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Tony's Short Pole Series, Todber Manor Hillview Lake, 13-5-18

I managed to get onto this match, but only as cover for this round, covering for Emma Drysdale again. 27 fishing so pretty much every peg was in, a few are close-ish together but to be fair the fishery has decently spaced comfy pegs.
Shawn Kittridge followed me down from Bridgwater and we arrived in plenty of time for the 9:30 draw. A few familiar face and a couple of ones I have not met before, but a bit of a chat and the draw was underway.
Defo a few pegs I didn't fancy, 50, 51 and 52 plus 34 round to 37 didn't tickle my fancy, those I liked the look of given conditions were 53, 43 and 44 as they had the wind pushing into them and no doubt these small carp would have followed that and the 'grub' it pushes along too. 52 looked nice and the corners of the spit, 48 and 49 are pretty good and consistent pegs.
Anyways, I drew peg 51, yes it had a little ripple but being down a leg I didn't really fancy it, I had Tony Rixon on my left and another chap on my right (sorry, forgot the name). I didn't fancy any of us to get in the top 3 of the 9 peg section. Drawbag Bobby Gullick drew peg 53 and I expected him to do well from a peg which blows cold more than it does hot after the winter. But there were plenty of signs and sound of fish in his peg and he can catch fish.

A short walk from the car and kit sorted, bait prepped.
I had a few pints of casters for the silvers, some groundbait for these too and the edges.
Some 6mm and 8mm pellets, some corn and some 8mm meat.
As we only fish topkit plus 3 sections for this match I decided on a pellet line at the max distance in front both up and down in the water (DT Pinger and DT RBS floats respectively).
A silvers rig for topkit plus 1 section downwind where I would feed small helpings of groundbait and caster initially, float was a DT F1/Silvers in 0.3g. A meat line for the same distance to my left slightly upwind using an RBS Margin float.
Lastly I set up an edge rig, but other than one look, I didn't really try it as no signs of fish came and the edges on this bank are pretty short.

Peg 51 Todber Manor Hillview Lake
On the whistle I fed the long pellet line with 1/2 a cup of 6mm pellets and the meat line with the same of mostly meat and odd piece of corn. A decent couple of balls of groundbait went in on the silvers line.
I began on the meat and in the initial half hour or so I had an F1 and a little carp, but behind me and Bob down on 53 had began a whole lot better. The 3 of us in a row, well were not doing much.
A switch to the silvers rig for a while saw the odd roach and perch plus the occasional 4oz skimmer and micro tench netted but even that was not busy enough so I began to throw casters over that line coupled with the odd ball of groundbait.

Moving on and I knew that unless the big fish rocked up, which they never have for me here, it was going to be an up hill struggle, given I was trying to get points for the series for Emma I knew I needed to get a few carp caught so found my time split at least 60/40 in favour of the carp, which I felt may cost me in the silvers pool.
I had a look out on the pellet line where I had been pinging 6mm pellets and I missed a couple bites both on the deck and shallow, only losing a foul hooker.
Back on the meat and a few small tench and 1 small carp indicated that there were not enough fish in front of me.
The chap to my rightt was struggling and only had a couple of carp, Tony was fairing a but better but was also struggling along in comparison to everyone else we could see. Tony was fishing 8mm pellets over 6mm feed but was suffering with liners and foulers, he even switched to a toss pot to feed, which seemed to help.

As we approached the last 2 hours I had spent more time fishing for the carp than silvers, but when I had fished for the silver I would have a few roach and small skimmers but they would drift off quickly and need resting for 20 minutes or so before repeating but there wasn't much in the form of quality. I think I had 10lb of these fish before I had a 3lb skimmer from the meat line, but I figured that at least one or two guys would have caught the proper skimmers and bream well somewhere on the lake, so pretty much the last 120 minutes was spent fishing for carp, which really wasn't eventful. I had stopped fishing with pellet on the long line and had switched to toss pot feeding a mix of 6mm pellets and meat, this worked to some extent as I did catch 3 or 4 fish, better fish of maybe 2.5lb each rather than the 1lbers I was catching previous.
The short meat line was giving me more small tench than carp.

The chap to my right had landed a few carp doing a similar thing while Tony had started to catch reasonably well during this spell. Further along each side, Bob on 53 was doing great and I reckoned he would be close to 100lb if he carried on while Jason Radford on hot peg 49 was getting some fish including a big double figured carp, a decent bream and a nice tench. So really in our section I was expecting Tony, me and the chap on 52 to fill the last 3 spots in the section which thankfully didn't include Bob as it ran from peg 44 to 52, but behind me those pegs had done a lot better than us it seemed.

At the all out I guessed Tony had 50lb, Jason on 49 maybe 60lb, my carp had clicked 22lb and I thought I had 17lb or so of silvers and the chap to my right possibly 25lb. Tony did say he thought he had less than me, no chance of that really.
I packed up and got my kit in the car before mingling during the later stages of the weigh in. Most had found it hard going (for the fishery and it's usual standards).
When the scales got to me there was a 99-15 net and Bob had 100lb+. Peg 52 had 22lb+.
My carp went slightly over my 22lb at 23-01, which Mr Rixon believed I had more than... My silvers weighed 22-10 which was more than my guesstimate. My total was 45-11.
Tony had 52lb 9oz before Jason had 56lb+ before the weights from those pegs behind us had 70lb, 80lb, 88lb weights in them, as expected. I ended up beating 2 in the section, sorry Emma.
Further around the lake Mike Nicholls took top silvers with 24lb 10oz, so I missed out on taking those spoils by trying to catch carp for too long, or was it I spent too long fishing for silvers?
I did pick up the 2nd in silvers envelope so something in my back pocket is always welcome.
The results and weigh sheets can be found here...Silverfox or here...Mr Rixon's Blog.

I really like the fishery, as I have said on other occasions, just wish it was 40 minutes closer.
Next weekend I have the next round of the Acorn Saturday Series but I am not fishing Shiplate with Pawlett on the 2 canal lakes as when all 15 pegs on each are taken it generally doesn't fish as well, so I may have a day off or try and get on somewhere else.

Until then, have fun and enjoy the sun.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Acorn and Avalon.... 5th and 6th May 2018

So this last weekend......not much to write home about really, the Saturday saw me back up at Acorn for the 3rd round of the Saturday Series, which I have no chance of framing after two second last in sections. The weather was baking, which was nice.

I arrived in loads of time, dipped nets etc and then got into the draw, I pulled out peg 40, which I have had a few times, but I was neither happy or sad with this draw, I thought I would get a few but with the weather now rather hot the fishies may have other plans. Well the silvers were spawning.

Peg 40, Paddock Lake, Acorn
I set up the usual array of rigs and set about trying to catch a few, I did hope for a few shallow on casters, but other than a single roach I never had a bite on that, I also had nothing down either edge I did have about 10lb of silvers down the middle on caster on the deck. I had to wait nearly 4 hours for my 1st carp, on 6mm pellets right across, I had 3 in quick time and fouled a couple, but it died a death (not that it actually been alive), and with Matt Roden on p38 and Tom Thick (covering for Bobby G) on peg 33 (?) by the bridge doing really well (Tom won the day with just shy of 195lb) I packed up with at least 90 minutes to spare and decided that the sofa would be a better place to be.

I don't know the full results but Tom Thick won and Gabe Skarba was on peg 3 had a run of margin fish and I think he was 2nd on the day.
Back again in a couple weeks for round 4, hoping to at least draw on some fish then.....


Sunday saw 33 of us on the banks of Avalon, I haven't fished there for probably 16 months at least.
A bit of banter, pools paid, another baking hot day and a re-draw....1st time I had p29, 2nd time I was on 19. Another vanilla peg and I wasn't really happy with it as I was wanting to fish for silvers and would have liked somewhere between 6 and 13 perhaps or from 27 to 36. But you can never be sure of where the framers will come from on this lake which is great.

Avalon peg 19
Off to my peg and I had on flyer peg 20, Steve Fouracre, he should be good for a few fish to the 'semi-gap' in the island (top left of my photo), he had his brother Eric next to him on 21. I had Lewis Hembury and Rob Dodd to my right.
I set up a few bits and bobs, a shallow waggler and a small feeder which I couldn't get onto the shelf due to island foliage, but worth having set up.
A depth pellet rig using a 0.8g DT RBS float this was for 16m in front, also a DT Pinger for shallow pellets over the same spot.
A silvers rig for 13, slightly left using various baits over groundbait, but had nowt here so nothing more on that.
I also set up a meat rig for just off empty peg 18, but never had a bite there either.

On the all in I fed the spots and started on the waggler, no bites for 20 minutes then I snagged up and lost the lot......chucked the feeder out while I re-set up the float. 10 minutes later I had a small pull on the feeder and a 2.5lb carp was soon in my keepnet, that was my only bite on the feeder all day, but then I did lose the whole lot and couldn't be arsed to re-tackle that. I also lost another waggler set up to the squirrels....but I did assemble that again.

So fast forward a couple hours and my keepnet consisted of 1 carp and a single roach which took a 6mm pellet shallow. Steve had maybe 60lb but from what I could see it wasn't prolific.
I soon managed to mug a nice 5lb ghostie on the waggler and then a 8lb common was mugged on the pole.
I lost a couple more fish, one hooked while fishing shallow with feed, the 2nd was a proper decent fish that acted like a dolphin as it made it's bid for freedom, which I gained along with a float etc.....

I could go on with how I managed to bang out a dozen more 8lb fish, but it would be a lie. I did manage to mug a few more, ended with 7 in total I think, on both the pole and waggler and I actually wished the match finished 20 minutes later than it did as I could see the carp better and they were actually coming in close enough to target them. I actually shallowed up my 0.8g depth rig to give me an extra 4.5ft of line so I could reach further out, this defo helped me once or twice.
At the end of the match Steve had around 86lb (I was clicking his fish to occupy me), Eric had around 50lb I guessed while Lewis had 5 carp including a lump that took him an age to get in and weighed over 16lb, Rob had 10lb of silvers and a couple carp.
Across the other side Mark Sweeting on peg 30 had done really well and Steve said he had more that him, I couldn't see Mark, but could hear the splashing of fish being netted. A few others said they had caught ok but Ziggy had 100lb+.
The silvers hadn't fed at my end, Eric had 1 tench on the tip and bumped a couple small skimmers on the pole, I had 1 skimmer shallow foul hooked and 1 roach.

The weigh in was well under way and I was rather warm, there was a fair few reddened bodies.
I had all packed up when I caught up with the scales, my clicker showed 34lb but I did not click at least my last fish, maybe my last 2. Both were pushing 10lb each.
A look at the sheet saw Ziggy on 100lb+ and Mark had 98lb and there was a couple 30s and Vic had 59lb.
I saw Mark Bellringer put 60lb on the scales from p22, Eric then had 49lb. Steve's total was 88lb 5oz, so I clicked well....haha. Next was me and it actually took 2 weighs and my 1-11 of silvers plus carp gave me a surprising 57lb 3oz.
Lewis had 46lb and then we had Shawn Kittridge have mid 40's, Keith Clapp a 71lb+ net from peg 7.  Jamie Cook was his accurate self with his guess and was less than 2lb out with his total and he had 79lb
Pierce had 17lb of silvers to take that money. Chris Higgs had 60-something.

So despite it not being a great day the chance to mug a few fish was ok, but the fish were defo easier to spot further out and closer to the other bank for sure. They didn't seem intent on heading to our side. But Sunday was a good day locally for mugging fish....look at Viaduct's weights...200lb was 6th and nearly 400lb needed to win both Sunday and Monday's matches, the best weights were mostly mugged fish. Some good mugging was had at Todber as well.

1st, Ziggy Slowinski, 104-08 from end peg 44 on pellet waggler
2nd, Mark Sweeting, pellet waggler from peg 30
3rd, Steve Fouracre, mostly feeder caught from peg 20
1st, Pierce Furlong, short pole skimmer and decent bream, peg 5.

Weigh Sheets
Next up for me is Sunday at Todber as cover for Emma Drysdale in the Short Pole Series of Tony Rixon's. Fingers crossed for a few bites. As for Saturday....we shall see, but prob family day.

Until then, enjoy the rest of the week.